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Speach of presidentOur president:Mr.Zheng YuanBao

Zheng YuanBao

China People Ele. Appliance Group established in 1996 and has achieved resplendent achievements in several years. Looking back the developing history of "PEOPLE" we have only one word: appreciate the Party and our country's reform and opening policy! If there was no policy support towards nongovernmental economic development from our Party and our country.
People Group Regards 1.3 billion Chinese people's common prosperity as its topmost ideal. The reason why we are making intensive and pioneering effort and keeping forging ahead ceaselessly is to undertake more social responsibilities and to make more contribution to Chinese people's common prosperity and our country's prosperity and strongness. We're not only manufacturing products and we are also spreading national spirit. What we are contributing to our society and our 1.3 billion Chinese people is not only PEOPLE's best products and perfect service, but also our innovative belief and our sincerity of dedicating our property to the service of our country.

::Enterprise's Tenet::
People Electric Appliance serves for people.

::Enterprise's Target::
Stock socialized, management scientificized, property scalized, development multivariated and operation internationalized.

::Enterprise's Spirit::
Solidarity, braveness, deploitation and innovation.

::Enterprise's Values::
Returning society through sincere service, publicizing tune of “PEOPLE” through quality.

::Code of Conduct for staff members::
Continuous Self-development, strict alignment to professional ethics, strict abidance to company regulations, full subjection to orders, quality first principle, dedication to the brand name, sensitivity to the company image, whole-hearted devotion to the career, inspired by renovation to a brilliant future of the group.


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