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PEOPLE Management innovation


People Group's institutional framework is managed according to modern enterprise system with corporate representative system under the lead of director board. People Group's director board which was born by general meeting of share holders in April, 1996 is the group's entitlement executive organ.

Mechanism and management innovation give birth to the fast growth of our group. To get used to the intensifying external competition, People Ele. Appliance Group is continuously innovating its management mode, such as eight management elements of YYS for managing fast-developing enterprises in 2000, 6PS management launched in 2003 and PCDM operation and management mode created in 2005, some of which have been selected by China's prestigious commercial college as classic cases for MBA courses and practice.
PCDM, uniquely created by People Ele. Appliance Group, with contract responsibility system as its core, is a digital operation and management mode.

P=People's mode, C=Contract, DM=Digital Management.

Under the global competition circumstance, with industry appliance as main business and headquarters economy based on multi-development, PCDM operation and management mode is going to help numerous wholly-owned companies, holding companies operate actively, to fully mobilize the greatest potential of human resources, equipments and capital in order to create the greatest economic benefit. 

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