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Mini Cylinders

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Mini Cylinders (ISO 6432)

Mini Cylinders Features:

1) MSA: single extrusion type
2) MAD: dual axis double acting type
3) MACD: dual axis double acting damping type
4) MAJ: adjustable double acting type
5) MACJ: adjustable double acting damping type
6) MAR: double acting buffering type
7) Conforms to ISO 6432 standard
8) Lubrication: not required
9) All parts are pre-lubricated during assembly and the Teflon material bushing is used
10) Lubrication is not required
11) Corrosion-resistant: the stainless steel material barrel with a great corrosion resistance and the special surface treatment could guarantee a durable working life
12) Anodized aluminum body for superior wear resistance
13) A choice of stroke length, and a variety of catalogue options
14) High-temperature type: high-temperature type cylinder is optional, the special seals are suitable to be adopted under the temperature of up to 150℃
15) Magnetic: all cylinders are supplied as standard with magnetic pistons for use with switch sensors

MA/MAC Series Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder
SMA/MAC Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder

MAL Aluminum Alloy Mini Cylinder

International standard

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