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FLOWEXPO 2009 Trade Fair for Valves, Pipelines, Fluid Industries

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The 12th International Trade Fair for Valves, Pipelines, Fluid Engineerings and Process Industries

Expo Date:March 25-27,2009
Venue:Guangzhou Gymnasium No.783,BaiYundadao,BaiYun Area,Guangzhou ,China

INVITATION You are welcome to attend our FLOWEXPO !

FLOWEXPO , which is International Exhibition on Valves, Pipelines, Fluid Engineering and Process Industry , was founded in March,1997. We can attend this expo once a year at GUANGZHOU . The Expo date is the last Wednesday in March every year, and it will last 3 days.

We will invite our audience from all kinds of trades such as petrol and chemistry, petrol-making, energy resources, electric power, pulping, paper-making, pharmacy, foodstuff, drinks, beer, light-industry, construct material, mining, metallurgy, water-supplying, steam-supplying, heat-supplying, environment-protecting, water-handling, industry equipment installing project, the long pipeline of petrol and natural gas project, architecture ,water-supplying and draining,air condition,fire-fighting,gas-installed project and so on.

The audience and exhibitors come from more than 30 countries and areas such as America, Germany, French, Italy, Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Spanish, Norway, Korea, Singapore and so on. Many people in the profession sing high praise for our exhibition with "special exhibition, corresponding audience and remarkable effect", so more than one hundred famous newspaper presses, special magazines, trade websites and sponsoring institutions gave us great propagation and support. At the same time, the sponsoring institutions, together with Chinese concerned departments and guild, organized some famous experts from home to abroad to have technology lectures, and invited design institutions, project corporations, installing companies, imports and exports companies, business institutions, associations and academies to visit, make purchase and communicate.

FLOWEXPO will provide you with good favor in exploiting market and seeking commerce opportunity! We can make sure that our exhibition will achieve greater effect , both the businessman and audience this year! If you want to book our showcase, please apply for it in advance; if you want to visit our exhibition ,you are welcome to register. Please contact with us as soon as possible.

Exhibit profile

valves for general industrial use
gate valves,butterfly valves,globe valves,ball and plug valves,diaphragm valves,other shut-off valves,
check valves,regulators and control valves,pressure, temperature and level limit valves,separators and dischargers,fittings,pipe expansion joints and connection devices,valve actuators

valves for special industrial or similar use
valves for the production and distribution of water and for sewage water,valves for pipelines for gas, crude oil and destillation products of crude oil,valves for the municipal gas distribution,valves for district heating,valves for the chemical industry,valves for the pharmaceutical industry,valves for conventional power plants,valves for ship-building industries,valves for refrigeration plants and heat pumps,valves for drink and food industrials,fire-fighting valves,valves for containers and tanks,valves for other industrial uses

valves for use in domestic appliances and similar installations
sanitary valves,valves for water supply in buildings,valves and regulating equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation appliances,valves for domestic gas installations and for gas appliances,valves for laboratories and medical appliances,valves for agricultural and similar purposes

Multi-turn Valves or Linear Motion Valves
The Gate Valve,The Globe Valve,The Pinch Valve,The Diaphragm Valve,The Needle Valve

The Plug Valve,The Ball Valve,The Butterfly Valve

The Check Valve,The Pressure Relief Valve

valves is designed to ensure accurate proportioning control of flow,power actuators,Valve positioners,other accessories

The substance to be handled and the required flow rate,The requirement that the valve control and/or shut off the flow in the manner demanded by the service conditions.
The ability of the valve to withstand the maximum working pressure and temperature.The ability of the valve to resist attack by corrosion or erosion.Actuator requirements, if any.Maintenance and repair requirements.

The Manual Actuator,The Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators,The Electric Actuator

Pipes, Piping, Tubing, Fittings, Fittings ,Hoses, Pipes,Planning, Construction, Operation & Maintenance,Industrial pipe supply systems,Oil and gas pipelines,Gas and water supply lines,Sewage pipes and tunnels,District heating supply pipes Pipings & Fittings

Systems for Fluid Engineerings and Process Industries
Fluid Machinery, Pumps, Compressors, Seals, Flowmeters,Fluid and gas control,Process equipment and technology,process instrumentation,process measurement, controls, automation and associated equipmen,solutions for Fluid, Powder and Gas Processing,Software, Maintenance Equipment / Service, Pollution Control Equipment


traders,dealers,agents,wholesalers,Importers,Exporters,trading organizations,Distributors,supplier,sales representative,Manufacturers,OEM

Architect / engineer
Scientific research and design organizations,design institutes,engineering design companies,research institutes,research academies

Installation companies and Engineering companies
mechanical and electrical installation companies,water and electrical installation companies,industrial equipment installation companies,tap water installation companies,water supply and draining engineering companies,fire prevention installation companies,refrigerating and air conditioning installation companies,environmental protection engineering companies,coal gas installation companies,architectural installation companies,boiler installation companies,pipe installation companies,instrument engineering companies,automation engineering companies,architectural engineering companies,petroleum chemicals engineering companies

End Users
urban construction,environmental protection,water supply and draining in cities and towns,gas supply,heat supply,water supply and draining,water treatment,sewage treatment,irrigation and drainage,compressed air,natural gas,petroleum gas,coal-bed gas,artificial fuel gas,oxygen,nitrogen gas,hydrogen gas,air,acetylene,carbon monoxide,carbon dioxide,coal gas,crude oil,petroleum processing,product oil,petroleum chemicals,inorganic chemicals,organic chemicals,fine chemicals,daily chemicals,fertilizer,pesticide,coating,,adhesive,fuel,printing ink,oil paint,reagent,auxiliary agent,solvent,additives,thermal power station,steam power station,nuclear power station,hydraulic power station,soy sauce,grease,sugar making,monosodium glutamate,ice cream,health care food,oral liquids,beer,distilled spirit,fruit juice,milk,bean milk,mineral water,distilled water refrigeration,heat supply,boiler,steaming,fire prevention,metallurgy,pharmaceuticals,paper making,construction materials,textiles,printing and dyeing,machinery manufacturing,ship building,energy,pipeline transportation

Key projects, major projects, other related organizations

Extensive worldwide publicity

You will benefit from acomprehensive international campaign that is already underway.It includes advertising and regular news releases in trade journals and leading newspapers,updated fair information and invitations to target buyers,special reports in magazines and newspapers,street banners and aseries of public relations actives.To ensure high buyer attendance,our official travel agents will also arrange special trade packages for buyers from across the globe to visit the fair.As ae exhibit meeting of such super scale and essential meaning,its unlimited potenial business opportunity provide many propagasnda chances to numerous enterprises ,organizations and individuals.Involvement of enterprises for exhibit will have effective impact for establishing the enterprise' and products' image,promoting the finalization of FAMOUS BRAND STRATEGY,and even direct acceleration of products'sales.

The visitor promotion campaign will be undertaken through:

■ Advertisements in leading newspapers
■ Advertisements and editorial coverage in relevant local, regional and international trade publications
■ Extensive direct mailing campaigns to targeted buyers
■ Comprehensive exhibition previews for distribution to promote exhibitors' presence in the exhibition
■ Email broadcast to increase exhibition awareness
■ Media releases to various related industries
■ Media Conference to announce the progress and highlights of the event
■ Listing in world-wide exhibition calendars
■ Exhibition updates designed at highlighting exhibitors' product and services will be distributed during the exhibition period
■ Website and email broadcast updates containing exhibitors' new product launches and other corporate information (with reciprocal links) can be posted to enhance exhibitors' awareness. Promotion valid for early exhibition space bookings!
■ Other collaterals such as invitation flyers and posters will be sent to all exhibitors to assist them in promoting and highlighting their presence in the exhibition

FLOWEXPO Organizer

Guangzhou Flow Expo Co., Ltd
ADD:505 Lifeng Center,7 Qingnian Rood,GETDD,Guangzhou,China  P.C.:510730
TEL:0086-20-85430102 89824456 62358877-802.803
FAX:0086-20-85430108 62614523
Contact Person:Mr. Wu 0086-15913161188

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