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2W Series Solenoid Valve

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Pneumatic valves Solenoid Valve 2W Series Solenoid Valve

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Technical Specifications:
-2w:2 prots 2 positions'solenoid valve-direct action
-Media: Steam, Water, Air
-Function type: Normally Closed (N/C)
-Pressure: 16 bar
-Temperature: ≤80℃
-Mode of action: Semi-direct lift type
-Body material: Brass、Stainless
-ealing material: PTFE
-Protection class: IP54

025:2.5mm 040:4.0mm 160:16mm 200:20mm
250:25mm 350:35mm 400:40mm 500:50mm

Port Size:
06:18/" 08:1/4" 10:3/8" 15:1/2" 20:3/4" 25:1" 35:11/4" 40:11/2" 50:2"

DC24V AC110V 50Hz/60Hz   DC12V AC24V 50Hz/60Hz 
              AC220V 50Hz/60Hz
              AC380V 50Hz/60Hz

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Specifications  for 2W Series Solenoid Valve

Model 2W025-06 2W025-08 2W040-10
Working Fluid Air、water、oil、
Action Method Direct action
Solenoid Valve Style Normally closed
Orifice 2.5 4
CV flow factro 0.23 0.60
Port size 1/8"


Fluid Viscidity <20 CST
Working pressure 0-0.7Mpa
Proof pressure 1.0
Ambient temperature℃ -5~80
Rated voltage range ±10%
Body material Brass
Seal material NBR 、EPDMor VITON

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