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3V1 Series Solenoid Valve

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Pneumatic valves Solenoid Valve 3V1 Series Solenoid Valve

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Specifications  for 3V1 Series Solenoid Valve

Model 3V1-M5 3V1-06
Fluid Clean air
Action Style Direct action
Port size M5 1/8"
Amibient temperature -5~60℃
Orifice Port 1.2mm
Lubrication Not required
Pressure range 0-0.8Mpa
Proof pressure 1.2Mpa
Power consumption AC380V:2.5VA/AC220V:2.0VA/AC110V:2.5VA/AC24V:3.5VA/
Protection IP65(DIN 40050)
Body material Aluminum alloy
Frequency 10/s
Insulation F Class
Voltage range ±10%
Min.Activate time 0.05sec

Solenoid Valve Features 
1) Adopts integral slot throttle structure
2) Structure type: guiding valve type
3) Material: aluminum, stainless steel, nitric rubber
4) Temperature: 0 - 80°C
5) Working pressure: 0 - 1MPa
6) Voltage: DC 24V, AC 24V / 110V / 220V (50 / 60Hz)
7) Level of protection: IP54
8) Valve hole is processed with special high precision finishing technique
9) Widely applied to pneumatic systems

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