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4V200 Series Solenoid Valve

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4V200 Series Solenoid Valve 's PDF file

Order code for 4V200 Series Solenoid Valve
4V200 Solenoid Valve

Specifications  for 4V200 Series Solenoid Valve

Model 4V110-06 4V220-08 4V320-10 4V420-15
Position number 5Ports 2 positions
Effective sectional area 12mm2
16mm2(Cv=0.89) 30mm2(Cv=1.76) 50mm2(Cv=2.79)
Port size 1/8" Supplyport=Cylinder port=1/4" Exhaust port=1/8" Supplyport=Cylinder port=3/8" Exhaust port=1/4" 1/2"
Fluid Clean Air
Action Style Internal pilot
Working pressure range 0.15-0.8Mpa
Proof pressure 1.2Mpa
Ambient temperature -5~50℃
Voltage change range ±10%
Power consumption AC380V:2.5VA、AC220V:2.0VA、AC110V:2.5VA、AC24V:3.5VA、
DC24V:3.0W、 DC12V:2.5W
Insulation and Protection IP65
Frequency 5/s
Response time 0.05sec

Overall Dimension for 4V200 Series Solenoid Valve (mm)

Solenoid Valve Maintenance Notice:
1.Be sure to check up the valve before installation.
2.Before installation,please confirm the voltage connection and direction of the air flow are right.
3.Notice to be dustprof.It's best to install a silencer or speed control silencer in front of solenoid valve.
4.metal grain,dust and oil stain in pipes and fittings must be washed neatly before connected.

Solenoid specifications
1.Allowable Voltage Range:±10%
2.Insulated Grade:Class B or Equivalent
3.Response Time:0.05Sec

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