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Pneumatic standards

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China Pneumatic standards

The China pneumatic standards in Chinese

GB/T 14513-1993
Pneumatic fluid power. Determination of flowrate characteristics of pneumatic components

GB/T 777-1985
Analogue pneumatic signal for industrial process measurement and control instruments

GB/T 786.1-1993
Fluid power systems and components. Graphic symbols and circuit diagrams. Part 1: Graphic symbols

GB 3452.1-1992
Fluid systems;O-rings;Inside diameters,cross-sections,tolerances and size identification code

GB/T 16638.1-1996
Aerodynamics--Concepts,quantities and symbols Part 1 Aerodynamic terms in common use

GB/T 14514.2-1993
Pneumatic fluid power. Quick action couplings. Test methods

GB/T 14514.1-1993
Pneumatic fluid power. Tube fittings. Test methods

GB/T 2350-1980
Fluid power systems and components--Cylinders--Piston rod thread dimensions and types

GB/T 2349-1980
Fluid power systems and components--Cylinders--Basic series of piston strokes

JB/T 4119-1991
JB/T 4080-1991
JB/T 7223-1994
JB/T 7352-1994  
JB/T 57184-1994
JB/T 57209-1994  
JB/T 8053-1996  
JB/T 10302-2001

QB/T 2278.1-1996
QB/T 2278.2-1996  
QB/T 1291-1991

QC/T 673-2007 Solenoid valve of LPG vehicles
QC/T 674-2000  
QC/T 675-2000
MT/T 715-1997

Global pneumatic standard.

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